Sunday, July 24, 2011

hangout with ze friends bfore im going back to perak

last friday i guess and my friends spending time together fer the last time bfore im going back to perak.ohh em gee..i soo gonna miss them..time kiteorang jalan2 suddenly i saw stall yg jual cover for phones,i told my friend

me:kat sini ade jual condom for bb tak
my friend:weehhh..kau suka mencarut kan..
me:laaahhh..apenye..betullah..ade tak jual..aku tanye ni kan
my friend:kau suka lah..tgk org lain..semue pandang kite

bile tgk yesss mmg betul semue pndang kiteorang..ahahahah...malu...kat sini tak panggil condom ke?ahahah,.shitto..then we teruskan pegi old town take a look..

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