Tuesday, November 15, 2011

uitm result

ok first of all i would like to say heyy guyss...my blog is walking now..ahaha..ok back to the topic..
a few weeks ago,ive got my final examination uitm result..damn damn damn..it was not soo good.i dun care bout other subject but somehow i was not SATISFIED with id subject..i already gave 100% on my project but somehow idk why the lect cant see my effort..then after that,ive made my final decision..i wanna quit..but after lots of my friends said that i dun have to quit..please pursue..
thanks a lot guys..thank for the advice and supportin..i really appreciate u know..and after i think wisely ive change my desicion..im going to stay so see u guys soon..ahahah..


ok there a sneak peak from the fara fyna wedding..thanks again fatin emyra cos inviting me..i have lots of fun also..sorry for the ugliest editing photos tu..i was a bit stressed out with those adobe photoshop..so i cant give 100% on editing..for those who wants me to photoshoot their wedding please call me..ahahah..lol..the end

Sunday, July 24, 2011

hangout with ze friends bfore im going back to perak

last friday i guess so..me and my friends spending time together fer the last time bfore im going back to perak.ohh em gee..i soo gonna miss them..time kiteorang jalan2 suddenly i saw stall yg jual cover for phones,i told my friend

me:kat sini ade jual condom for bb tak
my friend:weehhh..kau suka mencarut kan..
me:laaahhh..apenye..betullah..ade tak jual..aku tanye ni kan
my friend:kau suka lah..tgk org lain..semue pandang kite

bile tgk yesss mmg betul semue pndang kiteorang..ahahahah...malu...kat sini tak panggil condom ke?ahahah,.shitto..then we teruskan pegi old town makan..jyeahhh..here take a look..


ok now lemme begin my story..kat rumah sewa ni adelah pakai p1wimax tu..but the problem is..ianya mcm sakai sngt..when we wanna use it..terus 'no internet access'..and we were like WTF..time nak buat assignmnt ni lah die buat bodoh dgn aku..then kiteorang teruslah ke mamak yg terdekat or lebih trkenal dgn 'RAHMAN's CORNER'

Then bile kiteorang dh smpai tu..teruslah mengonlinekan diri so that we can finish the assignmnt a.s.a.p...then tgk syiokk hbs buat bla bla bla..suddnly wifi dia dgn gampangnya disconnect..so we come to suggest one thing if kementerian nak proceed lah kan..ahahah...we hope sngt kementerian would provide good wifi or if yg have to ddk kat luar..they have to provide us p1 yg wiggy tu each person..likeee daaa..if tade connection internet how come nak buat keje..whatta...dh lah assignmnt bel pasal outline tu tak siap lagi..so okla..better i cntinue do my assigmnt than i merapu merepek dkt sini..see yaa guys..naniteeee

begin my new destination again..and walking with my hand

for those who being followin me since past past years..thank a lot.for god sake,blog ni mcm hareemm jadah kan..so im very sorry for tht.now im kinda like to ber blogging plk so wlcome home fer me..so hope u guys can still being with me..or else i will still blogging cos blog is going to be my place fer me to speak out loud bout matter/problem and etc around me...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

lappy ohh lappy...

after 3 week my lappy were sent to the hospital cuz bla bla bla...hahah..lol..idk what the heck is the problem with my lappy..to be honest my lappy bnyk kali laa trjatuh but tgk tade pape pn yg effect..then after 8 months..the fan started ringing..i hate when its make such a annoyin sounds..such a shame...hahah..so when i got my lappy back again..i fell damn happy and promise to myself also tht i will take care my lappy...yeayyy.....plus i know how to do sketch up...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

when it comes to bc semue nk tido jerrr...lol..hahah..but this sem laen plk...everyone is gettin better,i mean all of us dun wanna sleep at bc class again..no skippin and no more playin around...but suddenly..hahh...haritue tlh menukar sejarah...hahahah..mane taknye..me,ila,nabila and maddy..telah bertungkus lumus memberi perhatian...nooooo....its couldnt be bc of cuz...but hanis zalikha blog..hahahah...damn she sooo pretty...i really love her blog..so i sarted followin her dgn harapan akn slalu tahu if she update her status in her blog..then bile dh mkn overexcited tntg blog nie...kiteorang suddenly terbukak plk blog miss jazmin hassan..our beloved english lecturer..damn sheee sooo prettyyyyyy...hahahah...i always luv to attend her class cuz we nvr gettin bored..she always has a lot to say...so we nvr anggap class tue adlh class bel...kiteorang mcm rase class fr us to release tnsion after attend the class...so thank to her...our english is become more fun this sem...but last sem is fun also wif mr khairul ape ntah...heheheh....forgot dy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

fuck off

okayyy lemme tell y'all..adela kan sorang bdk nie...gelabah gile tawww..(part 1)die nie mcm sngt bdk sekolah..haritue aku nmpk laaa kat dlm acc die..then die bagai nk rakkk kutuk lec bagai.die ckp laa yg assignmnt melambak laa apelaa..hellooo we all pn lalu bnde yg same laa...so its not a big deal laa kan..mmg laaa its sokay if kau merungut pn but still kau kene redha jerr...name pn bdk ipta laaa...bkn smk or srk anymore..mengelabah sakan tu kenapa plk..laen laa kau kene buat perspectives,plan layout,section,autocad,rendering,ceiling plan and whatsoever yg bagai nk rak mcm aku..if kene buat dlm ukuran byg kecik tape but besar okieee...huhhhhh...so to me better kau buat jela..i know we have the right to merungut but if kau merungut too much everybody will see u as a weak person and always melepaskan baran kau de3kat semue orang...so why not kau write jer yg kau baran sngt tue in ur blog..nie tak yg kau post kat situ apehalll...if lec bace or whateva tak ke ssh kau nnt plusss tk ke lec tue terase nnt...pikirlahh...adoyaiii...
and pleaselaaa to part 1...if aku tanye elok2 so jwb laa elok2 sikit...no need to make some joke or somethin yg not inappropriate laaaa...it loooks rude to me and my friends as well...they cn see ur personality easily...so try to change ur attitude okieee dokieeee...luckily imma easy PLEASED...if tak hishhh lame dh kau tue aku boikot...but still not all laa kan...ramai yg baek...smpai aku pn mcm tabik gileer dgn batch koranggg....

fuck off

urghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTOCAD FEVER

AUTOCAD.....FXCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AUTOCAD IS DAMN AMAZING BUT TO USE IT IS DAMN 'EASY'..imma beginner so tadelaaa expert when it comes to use it..lol..so saye amatlah brterima kasih to my id friend...IZWAN,SYAHIR,ANA AND MIEYRA...TONITE,IZWAN SNGGUP sty kat bilikm d2205 to help me and syahir bout this whole autocad thigy thing..without him..hermmm tak tahulaaa what is going to happen with us,plus he sanggup to sty up until 4 am...ty izwan..we damn appreciate it laaa...autocad fever is comin to us for every sem so i damn worried cuz still doent know how to use tht thing..luckily now i know laaa jugak sikit2..but still need more practse..for those who expert bout this whole thing...i need u to teach me..HAHAHA...LOL..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I SOOO SORRY FOR NOT ACTIVATIN MY BLOG FOR A VERY LONG TIME..I KKOW THT U GUYS FEEL DAMN BORED FOLLOWIN MY BLOG WITHOUT ANY UPDATE FRM ME..TBH,I WASS SOOO DAMN BUSY SINCE I,VE TAKEN THIS COURSE..OMGEEE...INTERIOR ARCHI IS NOT EASY AS EVERYONE THOUGHT..IT WAS DAMN HARD..I DIDNT KNOW THT I HAS TO PUT THIS THINGY THING BADLY..LOL...btw i gonna active my bloggin' frm now on..hahah...soorounding makes me wanna cativatin my blog again..so frm now on welcome to brand new eyes on me..keep on staring and reading...

p/s:hanis zalikha blog.......:)