Sunday, July 24, 2011


ok now lemme begin my story..kat rumah sewa ni adelah pakai p1wimax tu..but the problem is..ianya mcm sakai sngt..when we wanna use it..terus 'no internet access'..and we were like WTF..time nak buat assignmnt ni lah die buat bodoh dgn aku..then kiteorang teruslah ke mamak yg terdekat or lebih trkenal dgn 'RAHMAN's CORNER'

Then bile kiteorang dh smpai tu..teruslah mengonlinekan diri so that we can finish the assignmnt a.s.a.p...then tgk syiokk hbs buat bla bla bla..suddnly wifi dia dgn gampangnya we come to suggest one thing if kementerian nak proceed lah kan..ahahah...we hope sngt kementerian would provide good wifi or if yg have to ddk kat luar..they have to provide us p1 yg wiggy tu each person..likeee daaa..if tade connection internet how come nak buat keje..whatta...dh lah assignmnt bel pasal outline tu tak siap okla..better i cntinue do my assigmnt than i merapu merepek dkt sini..see yaa guys..naniteeee

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